Keeping good support system

A shelter empowered by you.

Let's discover more about the shelter


We work independently & powered by many associations and personnel. The healthcare is provided by the expert from Taqwa Veterinary Clinic

Trap/Treat, Neauter, Release

Our effort is to trap stay animal, treat them, neuter them and possibly find a new home for every of our cute furry friends.

We welcomes you

Be part of the community and help spread the words and educate the public on the importance of neutering and adopting. It’s a never ending joint effort for everyone.

The Doctor

Dr Muhd taqiyudin


“It’s not a question of money (that motivates me), It’s the feeling of personal achievement.” – Taq

More Support Needed

Even we know the last resort on controlling our furry friend, euthanizing is still and always a difficult decision to make for us. Help us to save them and find them a new place they call home.